Yoga during COVID19: Don’t rush to start your breathing exercises, warn experts

Yoga has emerged as the saviour. With COVID19 wreaking havoc in our lives, the tenets of the traditional wisdom have become more appealing to all. People are now gulping down Kadha’s, diligently gulping down ‘Golden Milk’ or ‘haldi wala doodh’ and falling back on Yoga. And it would make sense…as the country gasps for oxygen the important of Pranayam or breathing exercises to help strengthen your lungs is the obvious solution. But don’t rush to start your breathing exercises if you are infected – experts warn. Also Read: Coronavirus Symptoms: Early signs, symptoms for COVID-19

In an alarming trend, experts have noticed people who are diagnosed with COVID19 beginning with their pranayama and other Yoga asanas. It is easy, they point out. Isolated in a room, Yoga is easy and it makes sense. And would breathing exercise not help lungs if they are impacted? No, warn experts. Also Read: Diet plan for COVID19 and post COVID patients

Yoga during COVID19

While starting Yoga when you are healthy or recovered is a different issue, experts warn about doing yoga when you are infected. Raising awareness about the same, celebrity nutritionist and Iyengar Yoga instructor Rujuta Diwekar warns about the practice. Also Read: Recovering from COVID19: Do’s and Don’ts when recovering from asymptomatic, mild or sever covid

Taking to her Insta account, Rujuta writes, “Yoga has immense power. But every true practitioner will tell you that even in a mild flu or a headache, asana and Pranayama practice is discontinued.”

“Pranayama is suited for healthy body that has learnt restraint and stability through years of asana practice. It isn’t an ‘Over the counter’ pill to be popped in illness,” she adds.

What to do then?

Experts advise caution and restraint. People recovering from COVID19 should avoid following fads and follow their doctor’s advice. Avoid yoga or any exercise (unless advised by the doctor) when you have symptoms.

Once your symptoms resolve, start slow and gradually. Seek a yoga teacher to guide you the best way to begin and slowly improve.

Most important, in case of any discomfort, discontinue immediately and seek advise. Like any exercise, it is important to get proper guidance from experts. During covid19 Reach out to Yoga instructors and remember, healing takes time.

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a dietician before starting any fitness programme or making any changes to your diet.

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