Dehydration Remedies to keep you healthy and hydrated these winters

Dehydration Remedies for Winter Season: It’s common to be dehydrated during the winter months as the air is dry and chilly. Also, the  water consumption decreases in the winter, so do the fluids that keep the body hydrated throughout the day. It’s a common notion that dehydration occurs only  during summers, however, the chances of dehydration during the winter season are even higher.  Especially if you are one of the people who  is participating  or practicing winter sports or any  outdoor activity. None the less, we have you covered, these dehydration remedies are easy to use as well as practical.

Here are 5 Dehydration Remedies to keep you healthy and hydrated these winters:

Keep Yourself Properly Hydrated:

One of the most common dehydration remedy is called Hydration. The fluid levels in our body can be maintained by ensuing that we drink water at regular intervals. This method stands true for all seasons. It can be any fluid, like water that does not contain any additives or preservatives. Coconut water can be a very good choice as it is rich in calcium, potassium, and amino acids. It also helps in  avoiding fatigue. Vitamin and mineral-rich foods like oranges and cucumbers can also assist replenish the body’s water supply.

Check for Dehydration – Reduced or darker urine

One of the most common signs that your body is dehydrated is reduced or darker urine. A darker urine colour and a less frequent urination routine demonstrate the existence of dehydration due to reduced fluid levels in the body. A light yellow colour signifies a hydrated body.

Add More Fruits to your diet

Winters is a time when we have an abundant choices of fruits. These choices provide us with a bounty of fruits that can assist us combat winter dehydration. Water-rich seasonal winter fruits such as oranges and grapes can help keep the body hydrated.

Alcohol should be avoided

Here it goes, Alcohol consumption during the winters is something that you should avoid. As the alcohol is diuretic. Alcohol consumption can be a serious concern for dehydration. Alcohol can cause our bodies to remove fluids at a much faster rate and should be avoided.

Salts for oral rehydration

On cloudy days, electrolytes and glucose supplements can help re-energize the body and mind. Because vitamin D may be inadequate throughout the winter, one should boost their consumption of vitamin and mineral-rich organic substances. Oral rehydration salts aid in the re-energisation and elevation of blood glucose levels in our bodies.

Because the air is dry and frigid in the winter, it is usual to become dehydrated. These dehydration cures are both simple and effective. If someone sees any uncomfortable changes or symptoms of dehydration in their body. Then you should seek quick medical attention to avoid further health concerns. Especially if you are a participant or practitioner of winter sports or any other outside activity.

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