Diminishing Creativity: 5 easy ways to overcome creative crisis

High dependency on the internet and over-scheduled lives are amongst the main reasons for diminishing creativity. IQ’s of the present generation are falling as per multiple studies. Since 1990, Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking, including several aspects like originality, flexibility, fluency and more, have been showing negative results. IQ level has been dropping steadily in the past decade. 

Researchs have recorded a fall in intelligence and creativity levels. A researcher belonging to the University of Williams and Mary, who analysed 300,000 Torrance Test scores since 1950, states that we are facing a ‘creative crisis.’ The fast-paced lifestyle, hurry to do everything, excess dependency on electronic gadgets and the internet, overscheduled lives are amongst the reasons that lead to low creativity.

Nowadays, children spend most of their time using the internet or watching cartoons, which does not require much brain use. Kids are spending most of their time in front of the television. The good part is that creativity can be boosted with consistent practice. Here are the top 5 ways to stimulate creativity.

Easy Ways to Boost Creativity

  • Do What You Love: Trying different hobbies helps to boost creativity. Thus, it is amongst the best ways to increase the creativity level. Pick a hobby based on what you love to do. It is easier to start and stay persistent if you do something that interests you. Hence, you can devote more time to it with ease.
  • Slow and Steady Wins the Race: Don’t expect to create a masterpiece in the first attempt. Good things take time. Start practising and be consistent until. If you like painting, paint every day. One day, you will be able to create beautiful art. Nobody can force creativity, but you can nurture it with regular practice. Hence, force the start and stay persistent.
  • Limit Use of Social Media: Avoid mindless scrolling on social media. Internet is a great place filled with lots of ideas, but self-discipline is essential. Be realistic and control the scroll to boost productivity. Avoid unnecessary interruptions to prevent disturbance when you are immersed in a creative flow.  
  • Spend Some Time Alone: True creativity is often personal. Isolation helps to restrict outside influences and negative criticisms. You can work on your creative ideas with more focus when you are alone. Be careful with whom you share your creative ideas. Creativity grows when you have the right kind of support. It needs to be treated with care and respect.
  • Physical Activities: Many studies agree that a change in physical movement can help to boost creativity. Taking a break and doing some physical exercises can help to boost creative energy. Going out of the house gives your mind a chance to wander off and helps to clear up your mind.

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