Anuj Grows Restless: Anupama 14th Oct 2021 Written Update

Anuj grows restless: Anupama tells Nandini not to worry. She heads to work as she receives a huge order from an MLA. In the storeroom, where she finds GK and Anuj playing by turning the storeroom into a palace. Anuj grows restless after recalling her picture with Vanraj and Pakhi. GK entertains Anupama by calling her queen. She plays along with them. Anuj requests GK to let her work while he continues to play along.

Leela’s friends are angry with Anupama for the cooking competition. She worries they would question after knowing about Anuj and Anupama’s friendship. Anupama, Devika, Nandini and Anuj discuss the completion. Anuj decides to drop them home. When Anupama is about to get in Anuj’s car, Pakhi and Vanraj reach to pick her and Nandini. Vanraj tells her that Pakhi was insisting on going out for ice cream, and it was getting late; thus, they came to pick up.

Anuj recites poetry. Devika says that Vanraj is married to Kavya, and they would create troubles for Anupama. He tells her that if Kavya breaches trust, he will not spare them. Anuj thinks he is cheating Anupama as well, and he doesn’t want to overstep boundaries. Devika explains to him that he is the one-sided lover and she should not worry further. She advises him to keep him happy.


When they reach home, Vanraj’s mother tells Anupama that her right place is at home with family. Anupama asks her to accept her with heart. She is relieved after Samar reaches home. She advises Samar and Nandini to inform Vanraj about Rohan. When Anupama is about to tell him, Samar stops her. Vanraj leaves, and Anupama convinces them to talk to him. Samar says that this would give Vanraj a reason to taunt them. He suggests seeking the help of Anuj. Anupama denies and tells them Vanraj has the right to know. She asks them to trust his father and decides to talk to Rohan.

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