Anupama Shares her Story: Written Update 15 October 2021

Anupama shares her story: When Anupama switch on the lights of the kitchen, she startles when she sees Vanraj. He asks her what is happening with Samar and Nandini. She says that a lot is happening and asks him to help Samar and Nandini whenever they need. Meanwhile, Anuj thinks over what Devika said to him in the last episode. When Anupama is about to leave for competition, ladies of the neighbourhood taunt her and argue over the participation of ladies in the cooking competition organized by Anuj’s company. They warn Leela that the neighbours would stop speaking to the Shah family if Anupma’s actions impact their families.

Anupama’s mother-in-law speaks in favour of those ladies. In response to this, Anupama apologizes and tells her she will not let any deserving lady lose. Vanraj stands up for Anupama, and Kavya supports her too. They request Leela to let Anupama do whatever she thinks is right. Kavya wishes her good luck. Anupama seeks Leela’s blessings and leave.

Leela and Vanraj discuss the reason for his support of Anupama. He tells her that Anupama will do whatever she wants to. He adds that he does not have any objection till Anupama and Kavya deal with Anuj professionally. Because of the bad weather, the competition is held at Anupama’s dance academy. She feels thankful to his father-in-law for his help with the venue. Anuj hopes of no interruption or problem from Vanraj during the competition. Anupama prays for the competition to go well.

Vanraj’s father tells him he does not want him to create any scene. He says that he will not go to the Café until the competition ends. Samar and his family discuss his performance at the corporate function. He tells everyone his plans for a future event. Devika and Anuj tell Anupama to stay patient and not to worry. They are happy to see the number of ladies visiting to take part in the competition. Anuj calls Anupama a ‘rockstar’.


Samar finds Nandini’s note, in which she apologizes to him for leaving and mentions it as the right thing to do. Vanraj’s father get emotional seeing Anupama happy. Ladies call her an inspiration. Anupama shares her story and motivates ladies participating in the cooking competition.

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