Anupama Written Episode 09 Nov: Anuj to convince Vanraj?

Paritosh continues to misbehave with Anupama and bad-mouths her. He argues with Anuj and blames him for all the divide in the family and chaos in Anupama’s life. He calls Anupama characterless, which enrages her, and she slaps him. She loses her temper and says that a mother can never be characterless. A mother cries throughout his life for her child, she adds.

Anupama says she cried with pain and happiness when he was born and cried because of happiness when he first called her mother. She adds this is the first time she is crying for him for the reason of anger. Hurt and angry, Anupama states he is only his father’s son. She adds that she is upset for being a mother of a son who is too narrow-minded.  She asks him to leave her house.

Grabbing his collar, she throws her out of the house. He blames Anuj for this action of Anupama. He says that a mother is throwing his son out of her house because of him. Anuj is shocked and hurt on learning the troubles caused in Anupama’s life because of him. Meanwhile, Kavya is happy that the house is named after Vanraj alone. She says that she has finally benefitted from Anuj and Anupama’s friendship.

Anuj is upset, shocked and angry at himself. He blames himself for all the chaos in Anupama’s life. She tries to calm him down, but an emotional Anuj decides to take a stand for her. On the other hand, Kinjal and Paritosh argue at Shahs’ residence. Vanraj asks them the reason for fighting. He learns that Rakhi has fired him from his job and made him leave the penthouse.


Leela curses Anupama for all the chaos happening in the family. Anuj interrupts, saying she should curse him and not Anupama. Vanraj asks him to Leave, and Kinjal also requests him to go, but he insists. He requests them not to besmirch Anupma’s character. Vanraj and Anuj lose temper and engage in a heated argument. Alleging a loving relationship between Anuj and Anupama, Vanraj asks Anuj to state that he is in love with Anupama. An angry and emotional Anuj confesses her love, and Anupama overhears standing outside the window. 

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