Anupama Written Episode 23 Oct 2021: Anupama’s Solid Justification

Anupama speaks up for Anuj and herself. She questions Leela’s anger and defends her friendship with Anuj. She says that the fault is in their thinking and not in her relationship with Anuj. Leela says that a boy and a girl can never be friends. Anupama quotes the example of Lord Krishna and Draupadi’s friendship. She questions why Kavya and Vanraj’s friendship was not offensive to them, but Anuj and her friendship is. She points out gender discrimination in society.

Sarita and Anupama engage in argument. Anupama says that Anuj is a decent man, emphasizing his good deeds for Shahs. She says that Anuj saved Samar and always supported her. She tells Leela that he deserves respect, and she will not accept Anuj’s insult. Moreover, she points out the discrimination between men and women in society.

Anuj feels proud of her after listening to her justification for their friendship. She tells Leela that she is sure that Anuj will never cross any limit. She says that her friends will also come to her place like friends of others. After her justification, Samar, Hasmukh and many others at the function clap for her.

Anupama asks Samar to give her his phone. She clicks a selfie of Anuj and her. She says that picture looks good not because of the camera quality but because of their intentions. Vanraj tells her to come home for further talk. Anupama tells him she has to do an important task before leaving for home. She asks Leela and Paritosh to stay.


Everyone follows her to Ravan’s effigy. She says that people often forget that good wins over evil. Quoting Dussehra lessons, she says that Ravan of evil thoughts has to die. She asks Anuj to burn Ravan’s effigy. Leela decides Anupama can’t stay under the same with her. Anuj is over the moon because of Anupama’s stand for him.

Precap: Anupama asks Anuj why did he not marry. Vanraj and his family members are worried about Anupama’s safety.

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