Anupama Written Update 06 Dec: Kavya’s Desperate Plea

Anupama Written Update 06 Dec: Kavya is shocked after Vanraj hands her the divorce papers. He counts all her misdeeds and the impacts of her actions. Comparing his married life with Kavya to 26 years of marriage with Anupama, he says he never loved or valued Anupama, but their relationship included respect. He adds both love and respect are absent in marriage with Kavya and states that he is tired of her insecurities.

He says that she disrespected his family and betrayed him. Stating her wrongdoings, he says he doesn’t love her anymore. Kavya refuses to sign the divorce papers. She says that she is not Anupama and would not divorce him. Vanraj states she will have to divorce him and leave. Kavya blames Anupama and warns her, saying she will take revenge. 

Leela, Hasmukh and Anupama discuss Vanraj’s action. Hasmukh Vanraj should not have taken such an intense decision in anger. Leela says that Kavya betrayed Vanraj; thus, she does not deserve forgiveness. Anupama reminds her that she also did wrong to Hasmukh and was forgiven. She adds that Kavya accepted her mistake and did the right thing by naming the house to Hasmukh and Leela. She emphasizes her point, saying the whole family suffers the punishment for the wrong deeds of a family member. Everyone in a family should try to forgive each other, she adds.

Anupama Written Update 06 Dec: Anupama Refuses to Interfere

Anupama mentions that every woman is shook-up after hearing the word ‘Divorce’ no matter how strong or modern she is. Meanwhile, Kavya is afraid of a second divorce. She puts up the pictures of all the happy moments she spent with Vanraj to convince him. She apologizes to him and requests not to divorce her. 

Meanwhile, Dolly asks Anupama to convince Vanraj to re-think his decision for the sake of family. When Anupama refuses to interfere in their matter, Dolly requests her to talk to Vanraj to avoid a negative impact on the family. Kavya continues to urge him not to divorce her, but he sticks to his decision. She tries to remind him of the happy times they spent together. He pulls off all the pictures stuck on the wall and leaves the room, saying that their relationship has ended. 


Precap: Kavya bangs her head on the wall and threatens of filing a domestic violence case. She says she will avenge the deeds of everyone. 

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