Anupama Written Update 08 November: Paritosh Crosses the Line

Paritosh creates a scene at Anupama’s house: Vanraj misbehaved with his sister Dolly in the previous episode. He regrets his behaviour and action of taking away rights from her. Meanwhile, everyone plays Dumb charades at Anupama’s house. Anupama says that Hasmukh and other family members should go home as everyone at Shah residence must be waiting, and Paritosh will also visit there.

Hasmukh wants to stay at her house for more time. Kinjal also requests to stay longer, saying that everyone is having a good time and want to enjoy more. Vanraj blames Kavya and Leela for his action and asks Leela to keep the papers with her. While Vanraj says so, Kavya roll papers. He says Dolly has equal rights at the house and will always have. He says he can never think of snatching away her sister’s rights.

Leela blames Anupama for the falling apart of the family. Hasmukh finally agrees to leave, saying Anupama will be blamed if they stay longer. Gopi Kaka decides to drop everyone at their house. Anuj tells Anupama that he will stay to finish work, which angers Paritosh, who stands outside the house overhearing the talks.

After everyone except Kinjal leaves, Paritosh loses his temper and insults Anupama. He speaks ill of her and says unpleasant words for her. He says she could not manage her marriage and is ruining his marriage and life as well. Anupama asks him to leave. He says that she is celebrating Diwali after spreading darkness in his son’s life.

Hasmukh and Leela’s sister gives Leela the sweet (Halwa) made by Anupama. Leela is angry with Anupama and decides never to forgive her. She doesn’t eat the sweet and curses Anupama. On the other hand, Anupama is upset with Paritosh’s words. He tells her that Rakhi has asked him to leave her house and job. Kinjal defends Anupama, saying he should not blame her for the happenings between Rakhi and him.


Paritosh calls Anuj Anupama’s boyfriend, which infuriates Anuj and Anupama. Kinjal defends her, and the argument turns ugly. He talks about the rules of society and calls Anupma shameless and selfish. Anuj loses his temper and warns him not to utter even a word any more. On the other hand, Nandini and Samar praise Anuj and think of him as someone special for Anupama. Samar says both of them are single and perfect for each other as partners. Anuj asks Paritosh to leave. Paritosh blames him for splitting his family and causing ugly fights at all festivals. He blames him for Anupama’s decision to leave home.

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