Anupama Written Update 10 Nov: Anuj confess his love

Vanraj forces Anuj to speak up about his feelings for Anupama in the last episode. Emotional Anuj confesses that he has been in love with her for 26 years and will continue to love her. He says the sad part is that his love is one-sided as Anupama never loved him and will never love him. Standing outside, near the window, Anupama overhears Anuj’s confession to Shahs. He states that he can die for Anupama, but she only lives for Shah family, and they are only friends.

Anuj says that Anupama’s happiness is with Shah family, and they should punish him rather than her. He points out that her only fault is that she is devoted to this family, and she has accomplished more than his ex-husband on her own, which was unacceptable to Shah family. Thus they are trying to defame her, he adds.

He asks everyone to introspect whether they deserved Anupama’s affection and respect. He requests Shahs not to insult her anymore and tells them that he worships her like a Goddess. Anupama stands shocked and finds Samar standing next to her. She leaves for her home, and Samar follows her. Vanraj asks Anuj to leave. Anuj warns Shahs saying that he would now take a stand for Anupama. He leaves and regrets his emotional action. He thinks he added to Anupama’s problems.

 Vanraj recalls the happening since Anupama met Anuj. He feels hurt after Anuj confessed his love for Anupama. Kavya tries to instigate him, calling Anuj an idiot. Vanraj asks Kavya to manage Café for two days, saying he has to visit an investor in Surat for Café expansion. He asks Kavya to pack his bags. Samar tries to talk to Anupama. Meanwhile, Anuj decides to tell the truth to Anupama and apologize.  


Samar tries to comfort Anupama, asking her what is wrong if Anuj loves her. He says Anuj’s love for her is not wrong. She asks him to leave and says she does not want to talk to anyone. She gets emotional. Anuj decides to get punished for hurting Anupama. He engages in a fight with some goons on the street and gets beaten up. Goons run away thinking he is mad in love. Anuj gets emotional, saying he has no right to live. Gopi Kaka is concerned after seeing Anuj crying and comforts him.   

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