Anupama Written Update 15 Nov: Leela Insults Hasmukh

Leela loses her temper after being upset because of her ruined festival. She asked Anuj and Anupama to get married in the last episode. She continues to convince them to name their relation and shut her mouth. Everyone is shocked by Leela’s demand. Anupama tries to stop her, but Leela is adamant.

Anuj takes the vermilion and puts a respectful mark on Anupama’s forehead. He says that their relationship is pure and within limits. He adds Anupama does not love him, and therefore, it is a one-sided love story.  Anupama says she left home and rights on the house, but Leela is still stubborn. She tells Leela that they have set boundaries and limits in their relation; hence, it is pure. They would have gotten married if there was any bit of indecency, says Anupama.

Leela says that her festival is ruined because of Anupama. She blames her for Vanraj being away, Paritosh being alone at the festival, and Hasmukh celebrating Diwali without her. Hasmukh tries to stop her. He asks her to leave the Dance Academy, which further enrages her. She says he has no right to tell her to leave. She says that she never liked Anupama and has not been happy since her marriage.  

In anger, Leela loses her control and ends up insulting Hasmukh. She says he was never a good husband or a good father. She mentions her sacrifices and deeds for the family and refuses to leave. Hasmukh tells her that he can’t tolerate her impoliteness and requests her to leave. Listening to all this humiliation, Anupama urges her not to say anything that could ruin relations further.


Stubborn and angry, Leela says she will not go anywhere and states that her life is ruined because of him. She says that Vanraj had to start earning at a young age to support his family because Hasmukh could not manage the responsibilities. Anupama defends Hasmukh, but the ugly arguments and fight continue.

Precap: Hasmukh is hurt by Leela’s words and refuses to go home. Anupama brings him to her house and decides to get him the respect he deserves. Meanwhile, Kavya decides to bring Hasmukh back home.

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