Anupama Written Update 16 Nov: Hasmukh is Devastated

After Leela insults Hasmukh in the previous episode, she is still out of control and continues to insult everyone. Gopi Kaka, Anuj, Dolly, Leela’s Brother and everyone try to stop her, but she keeps on insulting. Anupama asks Leela to take anger out on her but not on Hasmukh. Gopi Kaka asks her not to take away his husband’s pride. He says that he can tell how good he is as a father by looking at Dolly and Anupama. He further says that one can know what kind of a mother she is by looking at Vanraj. Listening to this, she insults him, which angers Anuj.

Kinjal says youngsters learn from their elders. She asks Leela what if she treated Paritosh the same way. Leela’s brother says that he is emotionally attached to Hasmukh; hence, asks her to not insult him anymore. In anger, Leela slaps him and says he is born to forget and not to speak. She shuts everyone up. Leela loses her control and starts throwing things at the academy. She tears the image of Anupama at the academy.

Leela tells Hasmukh she will rule the house, and he will only nod in approval. She takes his hand to take him home, but Hasmukh refuses. He says he doesn’t want to go to that house if he is a bad husband and a bad father. He states that he gave her love and respect for years. He is shattered after all the humiliation and breaks down.

When Leela tries to take him home, Anupama warns her not to utter a word or else she will cross her limits in anger. She says respectful words for Hasmukh, saying she is very fortunate to have him as her father-in-law. She tells Leela that she will stand with him and take him home along with her. Paritosh asks Leela to stop him, but Leela lets him go to Anupama’s house. Anupama tells Leela that she has committed a sin by insulting Hasmukh.

Anupama tells Anuj she can’t see Hasmukh like this, and she will try her best to get him the respect he deserves. Kavya is scared to see Leela’s anger and decides to improve the situation before Vanraj returns. Anupama cries seeing Hasmukh’s condition and decides to bring his happiness back.

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