Anupama Written Update 16th October 2021: Anuj helps Samar

Anupama motivate ladies for competition saying, Anuj’s company is available to support them. Everyone claps, and she thanks Anuj, Devika and his father-in-law for supporting her. Vanraj watches the competition live on social media. Finding him watching the show, Kavya thinks that Vanraj’s silence is short-lived. Anuj tells Anupama that they need to make all participants comfortable. Devika, Kinjal, Anuj, Anupama, Gopi Kaka and Vanraj’s father dance to lighten the atmosphere.

When Samar reaches the venue, Anupama asks him the reason for his worry. Samar tells her about Nandini, and she tells him not to worry. Anuj overhears their conversation and leaves with Samar to help find Nandini. Anupama fails to inform Vanraj about it and holds back from talking to her father-in-law about it. When Samar panics, Anuj comforts him and tells him not to lose hope. Anupama manages the competition. She receives a text from Anuj asking her not to worry. Anuj advises Samar to seek help from his family members and police, considering the seriousness of the matter.

Meanwhile, Kavya needs her for work-related documents from Nandini. She worries as Nandini does not respond to her calls or text messages. She tells Vanraj about Rohan, Nandini’s ex-boyfriend, as she finds him on her social media friends list. Anupama joins the conversation and informs Vanraj about the Rohan-related matter. Vanraj is angry with Anupama for not informing him about Rohan earlier. When he calls Samar, Anuj takes the call, which further enrages him.

Anuj and Samar find Nandini, and Kinjal appreciates Anuj for his help. She tells everyone that Rohan tried to force her to get into the car, and she fainted while running away from him. Vanraj blames Anupama and yells at her for not informing him about Rohan earlier. Samar and Nandini defend her. Anupama thanks Anuj for his help.

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