Anupama Written Update 18th Oct 2021: Samar, Rohan Exchange Blows

Anupama Written Update 18th October 2021:Vanraj thanks Anuj for helping Samar. Kavya tells Nandini to file a complaint at the police station. Hasmukh asks Nandini to stay at their place for the night. Kinjal appreciates Shah family and asks Nandini to feel fortunate to be a part of Shah’s family. Anupama tells Nandini not to feel scared.

Samar is angry with Rohan. Anuj says that he understands his anger. He told Samar that if he had faced a similar situation at his age, he would have engaged in a fight. Samar doesn’t wait for Anuj to complete his statement and leaves without informing anyone.

Anuj doesn’t realize that Samar has left. He goes on to complete his statement explaining to him that his family and police should tackle Rohan. Just when Anuj leaving, Anupama tells him that she feels lucky to have him as a friend. Anuj is happy to hear these words from her. He tells her not to worry and appreciates her for managing the competition well.


Kavya and her family members decide to visit the police station the next day. Vanraj is upset with Anuj and is eagerly waiting for him to commit any mistake. Samar challenges Rohan on call. On the other hand, Gopi Kaka is happy to see Anuj smiling and dancing. The next day, Shah’s perform puja at home on the occasion of Vijayadashmi. Meanwhile, Samar and Rohan engage in a violent fight.

Samar reaches Anuj’s place after fighting. He tells him that he can’t go back to his home to avoid any sort of blame on Anupama. When Anupama doesn’t find Samar, she panics and call Samar. Everyone searches for him, and Anuj sends a text message from Samar’s phone telling them not to worry.

Anuj explains to Samar that he shouldn’t have complicated the situation by engaging in a violent fight. He clarifies that he is supposed to support Nandini. Anuj asks Samar to tell him what happened exactly. Samar tells him that he used a rod to hit Rohan.

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