Anupama Written Update 19 Nov: Anupama comforts Leela

Anupama Written Update 19 Nov: Leela is upset after Hasmukh’s words make her realises her mistake. She is dejected after Hasmukh refuses to return. Anupama holds her responsible for Hasmukh’s condition. She explains to her that she committed a sin by insulting him in front of everyone. Thus, he is deeply hurt by her words. She comforts her and says Hamukh will be calm soon.  

Leela tells Anupama the real reason for her anger. She explains how upset she was after Anupama left the house. She says she was attached to her for 26 years, and it was difficult for her to let go. Hence, she was habitual of Anupama and had a right on her for long. Thus, she could not tolerate her absence, she lost her calm.


Leela further says that she cannot live with Hasmukh’s anger and hatred towards her and will die without Hasmukh. She cries and requests her to bring him back home. She urges her to convince Hasmukh to forgive her and unite her divided family. Anupama comforts her and takes her back home.     

Vanraj Questions Leela

Anupama Written Update 19 Nov: At the Shah residence, Vanraj questions Paritosh and asks him to inform the truth of what happened when he was away. Paritosh does not answer and stays silent. Kavya, Samar, Kinjal and Pakhi returns home, and Vanraj demands the truth from them. Kavya informs him Hasmukh has left the house because Leela insulted and humiliated him. In anger, Vanraj pledges not to eat or drink until Hasmukh returns home.

Vanraj, upset with his father’s humiliation, does not let Leela enter the house. Anupama tells him that Leela apologized and tried to bring him back. Vanraj says he cannot tolerate his father’s insult and expresses his anger. He says she committed a sin. Anupama tells him not to insult Leela and informs him that Hasmukh is at her house. He thanks Anupama. Kavya blames Anupama for the happenings on Diwali.

Precap: Anupama stops Vanraj from closing the door on Leela’s face. Hasmukh reaches home.    

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