Anupama Written Update 1st Dec: Shahs welcome Anuj

Anupama Written Update 1st Dec: Hasmukh and Leela get ready for the pre-wedding photoshoot. Leela is upset because Jignesh, Dolly and her husband are not at the Shah residence for celebration. Dolly, Sanjay and Jignesh come to the door. Leela apologizes, and they forgive her. Jignesh forgetfulness makes the family laugh. Everyone appreciates Leela and Hasmukh’s look and continue the preparations with enthusiasm.

Leela pulls Anupama to the side and thank her for convincing them to come home. Kavya is annoyed to see this. Vanraj apologizes to Dolly for his actions. The photo shoot begins, and they decide to take a family picture. Vanraj asks Anupama to join the family picture, and Hasmulh calls Kavya.

Haldi ceremony preparations begin. Dolly and Anupama decide to put mehndi on Leela’s palm, whereas Vanraj and Sanjay put mehndi on Hasmukh’s palm. Anuj and Gopi Kaka appear at the door. Anupama is worried that this might upset Vanraj and Leela, and she looks at both of them.


Leela Welcomes Anuj, Gopi Kaka

Anupama Written Update 1st Dec: Leela thank them for coming, saying she invited them. She informs that she wants to fix things and accept her daughter Anupama’s friends. She apologizes in front of everyone. Accepting the apology. Gopi Kaka says they should not look at past events and focus on the future. Kavya is irritated and thinks Vanraj will express anger.

Vanraj thank them for coming to the celebration, which shocks her. He says they should start fresh and shake hands. Anupama is happy that Leela has accepted and blessed her friendship. She talks to Anuj, saying her family never accepted her friends. Gopi Kaka and Hasmukh are happy to see them and want them to settle with each other. Anupama recalls Hasmukh’s words. Kavya, annoyed by Vanraj’s reaction, says that Anuj and Anupama should get married at the same pavilion the next day. In response, he tells her that they can marry if they agree.   


Precap: Everyone sits together and discuss the topic of marriage. Paritosh says everyone should think thoroughly before deciding to marry. Vanraj adds that one should be extra careful while marrying next time. Pakhi states she doesn’t want to get married quoting the marriage of Anupama and Kavya. 

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