Anupama Written Update 1st November: Anupama’s New Home

Anupama is upset after leaving the house. While she sits on a bench in the park, a young boy dressed like Shri Krishna comes to her and asks the reason for her sadness. Anupama hugs her and cries. The young boy makes her laugh and asks her to not to cry. Anuj finds her talking to the boy. She thanks the boy and Lord Krishna for hope and courage. He says she should keep smiling, as Lord Krishna is always with her.

Meanwhile, Hasmukh is upset and performs Aarti. He says Anupama will stay happy wherever she is but those who insulted her will never be happy. He lights a lamp and pledges to keep it enlightened until the family members regret their action of humiliating Anupama. On the other hand, Anuj follows Anupama and thinks to himself that she will stay with her loved ones at her mother’s house. Samar asks Anuj to meet her as a friend.

When she meets her mother, she says they will not talk about leaving the house. Her mother is proud of her and says that the family failed to respect her as a daughter-in-law as well as a daughter. She feels pleased that Anupama gathered the courage to leave the house. Her mother supports her action.

Anupama thanks Lord for all her loved ones. On the other hand, Vanraj requests Pakhi to ask Hasmukh to take his medicine. Kavya tells Vanraj that this might be prior planning of Anuj and Anupama. Vanraj tells her that she is now responsible for the family and no one should feel the need of Anupama. 


Anuj meets Anupama and apologises, saying she had to leave the house because of him. Anupama tells him she is fine, and she had to leave the house because of the wrong thinking of some people. She says she is not afraid because her loved ones are with her. Vanraj takes off the nameplate with Anupama’s name on it. Anupama is excited about her future endeavours. Anupama decides to live alone. Anuj tells her that his company provides residence to its employees. Anuj’s poetry is played in the background. She is prepared to achieve her goals.  

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