Anupama Written Update 20th October 2021: Anuj Warns Rohan

Dussehra celebration begins in the locality. Rohan thinks of harming Anupama to take his revenge on Samar. Vanraj asks Samar to stay close to family members for the sake of his safety. Kavya is eager to win the dance competition, asking Vanraj to stay prepared. Kinjal and Pakhi stay close to Nandini and ask her not to worry. Devika joins them. Rohan is about to attack Anupama but stops and hides when he sees Anuj coming towards Anupama.

Anuj is happy to see Anupama in the dress he ordered for her. He tells Anupama that Samar invited him and GK to the function. She apologizes for not checking her messages. He suggests leaving to avoid any problem for the Shah family. She asks him to stay and join the celebration. Rohan waits for the right opportunity to attack Anupama.

Vanraj spots Anupama and Anuj entering the venue together. Samar thanks him for coming. Gopi Kaka joins Vanraj’s father and uncle. Anuj tells Vanraj not to worry about Rohan. Vanraj informs him that they did not approach the police till now. He tells him that they are keeping an eye on Samar and Nandini. Listening to his words, Anuj realizes that Shah family does not know about his fight with Rohan.

Anuj talks to Samar and tells him to talk to Vanraj or Anupama. Samar promises to inform the family about the fight the next day. When Rohan is about to attack Anupama, Anuj stops him and brings him to the side. Rohan warns Anuj that he will insult Nandini in front of everyone.

Anuj threatens Rohan that if Nandini is insulted, then it would not be good for him. He tells Rohan that he is aware of his father’s involvement in the 2002 incident of duplicate medicines. He says that he would inform the police about his father if he caused any harm to any member of the Shah family. Anuj tells him to apologize to Samar and Nandini and delete images of Nandini. Leela is unhappy to see Anuj at the function, and she taunts Anupama. Samar interrupts and says that Anuj will stay. Leela tells Samar and Anupama to ask Anuj to leave.

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