Anupama Written Update 22 Dec: Malvika Questions Anupama

Anupama Written Update 22 Dec: Anuj shares his grief and sorrow with Anupama. He talked about his parents’ accident that changed his life completely. Malvika was also in the car and was admitted to the hospital in the ICU for several days. During that period, Anuj prayed to Lord for her life, and when Malvika recovered from the accident, she was badly affected by the loss of her parents. Anuj breaks down while narrating the incident. Anupama consoles him. 

Meanwhile, Kavya is upset because Vanraj has still not forgiven her. She recalls his words and angry behaviour. Malvika along with Gopi Kaka reaches Anupama’s house in search of Anuj. She directly asks Anupama if she is in love with Anuj. Gopi Kaka and Anuj try to stop her from taking this conversation ahead, but she continues. 


Anuj tells her confidently that they are good friends, and Malvika accepts, saying she doesn’t think it is one-sided love. She states that it seems as if Anupama is also in love with him. She adds that her IQ in love is perfect. Anupama asks her why she is talking that way. Malvika laughs, saying she was playing a prank. 

Anupama Written Update 22 Dec: Malvika’s Prank

Anupama Written Update 22 Dec: When Leela tells Hasmukh that Anupama is staying at her place tonight, Hasmukh gets worried that Anupama may hold back from expressing his love to Anuj. On the other hand, Samar and Nandini are ready to get married. She asks Anupama to come along with her to Anuj’s house. After Anupama leaves, Malvika tells Anuj that she didn’t like it when Anuj was sharing his family matters with Anupama. 

At Anuj’s house, Anupama is ready to prepare breakfast and flips her hair, hitting Anuj’s face. Anuj is pleased and recites poetry. He jokes, saying if it were a Hindi movie, the actor would have enjoyed the moment, but he realised that wet hair flip hurts like a hunter on the face. 

Anupama asks him about Malvika’s breakfast preferences. In response, Anuj says he will not let her cook alone. He apologises for Malvika’s behaviour last night. Anupama is annoyed when Anuj says he knows she doesn’t love him. Malvika greets everyone in the Kitchen and says she will prepare breakfast for his brother, which upsets Anupama.    

Precap: Anuj and Malvika engage in an ugly arguement. Malvika leaves home, and Anuj goes in search of her. 

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