Anupama Written Update 28 Oct: Anuj recalls college days

Anuj and Anupama take shelter at a house where some youngsters are partying. The network is lost while Anupama talks to the family on the phone. She says to Anuj that they should wait on the side and let youngsters enjoy their party without any disturbance. Anuj says that he is not an uncle to anyone. The youngsters find Anupama and Anuj really cool and ask them to join the party. They find their college reunion dance video. College students are under the impression that they are life partners.

Meanwhile, the Shah family informs Gopi Kaka of Anuj’s whereabouts. Everyone at Shah’s residence goes to bed except Vanraj and Leela. They are annoyed that Anupama is out of home with Anuj all night. Anupama and Anuj change clothes. Anuj is on cloud nine, recalling college days. He is overjoyed and recites poetry. Pehla Nasha song plays in the background.

He faints while everyone dances at the party. Anupama and youngsters take care of him as he suffers from fever. She prepares decoction and makes him drink it. On the other hand, Vanraj can’t sleep as he is worried that Anupama is out with Anuj.

While Anuj tries to confess his feelings in unconsciousness, he is interrupted by a college students. Vanraj calls back on the landline number to talk to Anupama. One of the youngsters receive the call and tells him that Anupama and Anuj are resting in the bedroom.


The next day, Anuj wakes up and apologizes to Anupama for the caused inconvenience. He also asks for forgiveness if he misbehaved last night. His health improves, and they decide to leave. He decides to call for a cab. Samar informs Hasmukh that Anupama would be home soon. Kavya instigates Vanraj against Anupama. He pulls the chair towards the door and sits staring at the entrance waiting for Anupama.

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