Anupama Written Update 29 Oct: Anupama to leave home?

Anupama decides to leave home: Anupama reaches Shah residence and finds Vanraj staring at the door. Nandini asks Anupama about his visit to the temple. Vanraj accuses her and talks ill about her character. Anupama tries to explain the happenings of last night, but Vanraj alleges that she crossed her limits. They engage in an ugly argument. Vanraj insults Anuj and Anupama’s relationship and raises questions about the happenings of last night. Samar and Pakhi try to defend Anupama, but Vanraj yells at them.

Leela and Kavya also talk ill to Anupama and question her. They do not believe Anupma’s words and ask about the party, which they attended last night. Kavya shows the dance video of last night on her phone. Vanraj taunts her, asking the date of their marriage. Leela says she crossed the limit and committed a sin. Samar and Paritosh engage in an argument and start fighting. 

Anupama answers back, saying she is tired of daily allegations about her character. She loses her temper and yells at Vanraj. She asks Leela to state the mistakes that she committed in the 26 years. She explains that there is nothing more than friendship between her and Anuj.

Family members engage in an ugly argument, and Anupama loses her calm. She cries and yells, justifying her character. She requests Leela not to accuse her this way in front of her children. She states that she will no longer appear for ‘Agni Parkisha’.


Listening to all allegations and losing her calm, Anupama decides to leave home (Shahs’ residence). She says she can no longer tolerate daily insults and ugly allegations on her character. Further, Kavya insults Anupama and taunts her. Anupama reminds the wrongdoings of Kavya and Vanraj. She says all valuable things will leave the house along with her- her self-respect, faith, and dignity.

Precap: Anupama packs her bag and bids goodbye to all family members. 

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