Anupama Written Update 30th Oct: Anupama leaves the house

Anupama Leaves the house: Anupama prays that the wellness and fortune remain at home, but she tells Leela that this is unlikely because of a daughter’s insult. Leela’s brother asks her to stay. Hasmukh overhears and grants her permission to leave the house. He says he will not stop her and tells her to break the cage.

Hasmukh asks her to leave the house with self-respect and leave the guilt behind. Samar and Nandini support her decision. He says that the house and its members do not deserve her. Nandini says devotion and nobility are good only to a limit. Leela’s brother says that she always kept home as a place of worship, but Vanraj and Leela made it a market with their words. He says Goddess lives in the temple and not in the market.

Samar decides to leave home along with Anupama. Hasmukh tells her not to let anyone point fingers at her. He blesses her and tells her to go ahead.

Samar, Nandini, Pakhi, Hasmukh and Leela’s brother support her decision. Anupama recalls her time at the house. She packs her bag and walks out to the hall to seek the blessings of Leela and Hasmukh. Samar, Nandini and Pakhi hug her to bid goodbye.

Anupama walks out of the house. At the main entrance, she says that she received both love and pain at the house. She says all the love made it a nest, while all the pain will lead to her flight. She adds, she did more than she could and tolerated more than her limits for the sake of family. Wishing luck to the family members, she leaves the house accompanied by Samar.


Hasmukh, Pakhi, Nandini and Leela’s brother are emotional at this scene. Anupama asks Samar to leave her alone for some time. When Anupama does not pick Anuj’s call, he calls Samar asks him about her. Samar informs Anuj about her decision to leave the house. On the other hand, Vanraj, Leela and Paritosh are shocked. Anupama sits on a bench for a while.

Precap: Anupama’s mother of proud of her decision, while Vanraj removes the nameplate of her name.   

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