Anupama Written Update 31 Dec: Anuj’s special gift

Anupama Written Update 31 Dec: The Christmas party begins at the Shah house. Anuj thanks Anupama for convincing Malvika, saying he would not have been able to bring her back to the party, but Anupama managed like a sister-in-law. Anuj realises he is being over frank and shameless. Hasmukh and Gopi Kaka drag her to the side and request a gift. She asks why Santa Claus is asking for the gift. They ask her to confess her feelings to Anuj and not wait unnecessarily.

Anupama says she is waiting for the situation to improve between Anuj and Malvika. Gopi Kaka and Hasmukh ask her to not wait any further for any right moment. Convinced by their words, Anupama prepares herself to confess her love. Meanwhile, Anuj is ready to gift Malvika something special on the occasion. He decides to gift her at midnight, like in childhood days.

Anupama Written Update 31 Dec: Paritosh’s Apology

Anupama Written Update 31 Dec: Malvika informs family members that Paritosh has a surprise for everyone. Paritosh steps forward to apologise to her mother for being disrespectful and his insulting words. He says he feels ashamed and wants to make everything back to normal. He commits to change himself and be the one Kinjal fell in love with.

Paritosh realises that his mother-in-law was not the right influence and informs everyone that Anuj and Malvika have offered him a job. Anupama hugs him thanking him for the best Christmas gift, and Kinjal is pleased to hear his speech. Shah family enjoys the celebration, dancing with excitement. They also decide to play a game where one is blindfolded and supposed to put a garland. The person can demand a wish or a gift in exchange for the garland.


Malvika explains the logic behind the game is to be the real Santa Clause for someone and ask for the awaited wish. Kavya asks Vanraj why is he playing because he has never played any games before. He says that he plays major games now too. Anupama tells Anuj that she will ask for a wish from Anuj. In response, Anuj says she already has his heart and what else she wants.
Precap: Shah family learns that Anuj is an adopted child.

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