Anupama Written Update 3rd Jan: Anuj, Malvika Reunite

Anupama Written Update 3rd Jan: Anuj transferred all property rights to Malvika because he was adopted by the Kapadias and she the sole owner of the Kapadia empire. Malvika is upset with his decision and expresses her anger at the Christmas party organised by the Shah family. After arguing on the decision in the last episode, Malvika asks Anupama to convince Anuj to rethink his decision.

Anupama consoles her and appreciates the bond between them. She quotes the fights and differences amongst brothers and sisters for the property. She adds that the bond between Anuj and Malvika is on the next level, and looking at their bond, she can proudly say that selfless loving relations still exist. Anuj and Malvika are emotional after the heated argument. Anupama asks them to resolve the issue or else they would not get to eat, especially the dessert.


The argument is finally over with an emotional hug. Gopi Kaka hugs both of them. Anuj looks at Anupama and pulls her into the family hug. Samar and Hasmukh are pleased to see her included in the group hug, and Hasmukh calls them ‘Kapadias’. Kavya congratulates Vanraj, saying his partner is the sole owner of the business owned by Kapadia.

Anupama Written Update 3rd Jan: Anuj Thanks Anupama

After the celebration ends, Anuj thanks Anupama for consoling her and request her to talk to Malvika about returning home. Malvika falls asleep on the couch when Anuj and Anupama decide to convince her. Leela stops Anuj from waking her up, telling him to take her home the next day. Anuj tells Kavya that he understands the inconvenience caused by Malvika’s stay at the Shah residence and tells her that he will take her back home soon.

Anuj and Anupama walk on their way home and talk about the celebration. He asks her if she felt uncomfortable when he pulled her into the group hug. Meanwhile, Kinjal and Paritosh discuss the happenings between Malvika and Anuj during the Christmas celebration. Paritosh’s opinion differs from Kinjal because he is thinking from a business perspective. She fears Vanraj may also look at the situation similarly. On the other hand, Anuj stops on his way to finding his success story published on the front covers of many newspapers.

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