Arshi Khan Advises Parents to be proactive when it comes to child abuse protection

Soon to be Bigg Boss Season 14 participant Arshi Khan has shared her views on child abuse. Arshi Khan believes that the parents in today’s day n age should be proactive in their approach towards child abuse. She also expressed her views on sexual harassment and its impact on victims.

Arshi Khan Advises Parents “Many parents assume that their kids make the excuse to bunk school or skip exams. But these things should be considered and looked into very seriously because the ordeal never leaves the victim. It is kind of a permanent imprint on the mind,”. Also Read: Parenting Dos and Don’ts – 7 signs of bad parenting and what to do instead

Current housemates, during the immunity challenge Eijaz Khan and Kavita Kaushik recently revealed their traumatic experiences. Speaking on the same subject, Arshi said she has finally understood Eijaz’s anger and insecurity issues and his tendency to stay aloof from housemates.

Arshi Khan Advises Parents

Kavita Kaushik also revealed that her mother did not believe her when she told her about an abusive teacher. Arshi urged parents to believe their kids when they report such incidents. Also Read – Anurag Vyas: We enjoy the fruits of our parents’ hard work and struggle, that is what we call ‘luck’(Opens in a new browser tab)

While on one hand Arshi plans to help Eijaz cope with the developing situations inside the house, on the other, she also says she has laid out some plans to trouble other housemates and successfully bring out their real personalities during her stay in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house.

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