Naagin 5 Update 22 August 2020: Noor Get Killed by Veer, Jay Bani Fall in Love

Naagin 5 Update 22 August 2020. – Jay (Mohit Sehgal) and Veer (Sharad Malhotra) get into a physical fight at their buddy’s wedding. Jay gets beaten up by Veer. Noor (Bride) tells Bani that Veer has an alcohol business. That they also run various unlawful corporations on the backdrop in their alcohol commercial enterprise. Bani interferes in between the fight and tells Veer to stop fighting but Veer is left lovestruck after seeing Bani. Also Read- Naagin 5 Update 29 August 2020: Jay Gets Flashback, Bani Realises She is Adi Naagin

Jay comes in among Bani and Veer and hits Veer tough at the face. Because the music performs inside the historical past. Jay hits Veer and Veer asks his buddies no longer to come in between and let him beat him up. Veer and his gang of friends leave from the house. Bani realises that Noor is missing and suspects that Veer Singhania and gang took her with themselves. Also Read- Naagin 5 September 12, 2020 Written Update: Bani and Jay kill Veer.

She makes a decision to go and search for Noor. And Jay insisted that he’ll come together with her to discover Noor. Jay and Bani formally introduce every other, shake hands and look for Noor. They discover Noor inside the midst of a street and jungle but Jay publicizes her useless. Jay looks at the two eagles flying within the air and they come and sit beside Noor’s body. Also Read- Naagin 5 27 September 2020 Written Update: Fight Between Adi Naag & Naagin, Veer Learns That Bani did not poison him

Naagin 5 Update 22 August 2020 Update

Jay asks Bani to depart as eagles might assault them. As they stroll past the eagles, they meet Veer who stops by using inside the jeep. Police reach the place. And whilst they try to record the dying. Noor body isn’t determined at the spot where Ban and Jay located her. Bani says that they need to look for her and they need to break up up. As they equipment to split, Jay’s sleeve receives struck with Bani’s bangles. Jay gives his cellphone range to Bani and asks to name him as soon as she unearths Noor. Also Read – Naagin 5 September 13, 2020 Written Update: History Repeats- Bani kills Veer after Jay is murdered by the Cheels

Veer tells his dad approximately Bani and how he has fallen in love along with her. However, Bani tells her elder sister about remaining night’s incident. She says that she needs to visit the police station to report for an FIR. Jay has a fun time together with his siblings. And that they display that his pores and skin texture and eye color adjustments. He exhibits that he is lovestruck after seeing Bani. Also Read- Naagin 5 Update 23 August 2020: Meer Takes Cheel Form, Bani & Jay Get Into Their Original Naag Form

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