Naagin 5 Update 23 August 2020: Meer Takes Cheel Form, Bani & Jay Get Into Their Original Naag Form

Naagin 5 Update 23 August 2020: In tonight’s episode Bani approaches the local police to show them the video. The next scene takes you into the past (we can say sort of a flashback), showing that Meer did not kill Noor but somebody else. And Meer Just buried her. The scene again goes back to the police station, where police are blaming Bani for wasting their time and then deletes the video.

Bani then storms out of the police station (being very upset as well as angry).  As she is storming out of the police station Bani meets Meer and they keep staring at each other. Also Reed : NAAGIN 5 UPDATE 22 AUGUST 2020: NOOR GET KILLED BY MEER, JAY BANI FALL IN LOVE

An argument ensues between Bani and Meer 

Bani and Meer accuse each other while Bani calls Meer a Murderer and warns him to stay away from her. The next scene (Which is again a Flashback) takes you to the first ever meeting of Akesh Neel and Naageshwari.  Also Read-

As Bani is not getting any police support, Jay and Bani start their investigation into the case. Bani reveals to jay that she has found Jay’s phone. On the other hand, He and his men investigate and look for Jay and Bani and try to save themselves.

Bani is waiting for a public transport, while Meer approaches her on the bike and offers her the ride. In the next scene, Meer’s get a slap from father for roaming around during the broad daylight. Jay gets asthma attack falls unconscious. Also Read- Naagin 5 September 13, 2020 Written Update: History Repeats- Bani kills Veer after Jay is murdered by the Cheels

That is teh Naagin 5 Update 23 August 2020. for more Naagin 5 episodes, keep a watch on this page. Also Read- Naagin 5 September 6, 2020, written update: Jay & Bani reach the rahasyamay mandir

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