Naagin 5 Update 29 August 2020: Jay Gets Flashback, Bani Realises She is Adi Naagin

Naagin 5 Update 29 August 2020: Tonight’s episode begins with Noor taking Naagin’ s avatar in the Shiv Temple. Noor reveals that the Cheel’s army already tried to kill and buried her but she is still alive. Cheel’s army is threatening to kill her and she is scared. Bani takes the Adi Naagin form in the Shiv Temple.  She then goes on to threaten the two cheels with death, who are trying to kill Noor. Cheel, does not pay any heed to Bani’s threat and one of the Cheel points a gun at Noor. Bani then grabs the Cheel with her tail. The other Cheel tries to escape in his eagle form, but is captured by Bani. Naagin 5 September 12, 2020 Written Update: Bani and Jay kill Veer.

As Bani kills one of the captured Cheel, the other calls out to his friends for help. She then attacks and kill the other Cheel as well. After the attack, Bani changes back to her Human form and leaves the temple. On her way back, she happens to meet Jay, who is still week (Previous Episode) and is about to faint. Bani quickly holds him. Also Read: Naagin 5 Update 23 August 2020: Meer Takes Cheel Form, Bani & Jay Get Into Their Original Naag Form

When Bani touches Jay, he gets lost in the flashback of his past life. Jay and Bani seem to have a moment together. Meanwhile, Meer reaches the Shiv temple along with his gang. He finds that the entire fight was recorded on the dead cheels phone. Meer, can see Bani’s face in the eyes of the dead Cheel. The Cheel was killed by Bani, thus her face was recorded in his eyes.  Meer then swears to know everything about Bani – the Adi Naagin.

Bani’s aunt invites Jay in the house, when he drops Bani to her house. Aunt is looking at jay as a prospective groom for one of her daughters. Meanwhile, Meer who is very angry at the death of his gang members. He swears to take revenge. In the next scene, Jay reaches home. Now Jay tells his siblings about the flashback. While narrating the story, he again gets a glimpse of his past life. Jay comes to know that Naageshwari sacrificed her life for him.

Jay at this stage swears to find everything about Bani and what connection he has with Bani. Bani, tells her sister, Meera about the incident and says that she has a connection with Meer, which is related to her past life and her hatred of Meer. She also feels that she has a connection to jay as well. Bani and Meera are alerted when they see a shadow outside their house. Meera, goes to open the door. She finds Jay standing there. Jay claims that his phone is with Bani.

Jay and Bani again feel the love connection between them. He tells Bani that whenever she touches him, he gets glimpses of his past life. He feels that they have a connection from the past life.

In the Naagin 5 Update 29 August 2020:

Suddenly, the aunt comes inside the room, Meera quickly hides Bani and Jay in the cupboard. Jay gets to know about the ill-treatment melted to Bani by her aunt. Aunt says that they picked Bani from the streets and it’s her duty to do all the work in the house. Meera asks Jay and Bani to leave via the room’s window.

Meer takes the eagle form to look for Bani. As he approaches Bani’s house, he sees Bani and Jay running towards the car and leave. Jay tell Bani, that he wants to go to an old place, but he doesn’t know much about the place. Also Read – Naagin 5 September 13, 2020 Written Update: History Repeats- Bani kills Veer after Jay is murdered by the Cheels

Meer in his bid to follow Bani, sits on the roof of the car. Bani and Jay reach the ancient Shiv temple. Jay takes Bani to a place where they were seen romancing in the past life. He again gets a flashback and Bani tries to dodge any past life story. Bani and Jay hold hands and remember their past love and life. Also Read: Naagin 5 Update 22 August 2020: Noor Get Killed by Meer, Jay Bani Fall in Love

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