Artful Gudi Padwa Rangoli design ideas to embrace the New Year spirit.

Rangoli ideas for Gudi Padwa 2023

As the Hindu New Year, Gudi Padwa celebrations in India include creating customary Rangolis, an expression of Creativity and cultural heritage, to welcome new beginnings and prosperity.


Create a vibrant floral Rangolidesign for Gudi Padwa using colourful flower petals. Use traditional motifs like paisley or diyas-for added flair. ID

Classic Gudi Padwa Rangoli

Use marigold flowers, rose petals, or other colorful flowers for a beautiful floral Rangoli design.

Add solar flare to your aesthetic flair

Create a sunburst pattern or a geometric design with bright colors radiating out. Add a small Gudi to celebrate the spirit of the festival.

Ganesha and other symbols for Gudi Padwa Rangoli

Ganesha, the God of new beginnings, is often worshiped during Gudi Padwa. Create a Ganesha rangoli with modaks and a small gudi.

Celebrate with traditional charm

Create an Elephant Rangoli with colored powders or flower petals. Complete the design with decorative elements like flowers or paisley patterns.

Reimagine Gudi Padwa with Contemporary elements

Fashion a vibrant peacock Rangoli design for Gudi Padwa with a mix of traditional and modern elements like 3D effects or illuminated outlines

Spotlight the Hindu new year

The Ou symbol is sacred in Hiudnism, create it in-the,center of your ranigoli using colorful powders or flowers, Add* decorative elements like paisleys

The timeless

Traditional Gudi Padwa designs have a gudi at the center Surrounded by flowers, leaves, or paisley patterns.

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