The former cricketer announced his biopic a few years ago, and now there are reports circulating that Bollywood's Ranbir Kapoor may be playing the role in the film.

The much-anticipated biopic is about to premiere, which is wonderful news for all of Ranbir Kapoor and Sourav Ganguly's fans.

Reports claim that the Ganguly biopic's script is nearly finished, and Ranbir Kapoor may play the subject of the movie.

According to sources, the film's production will shortly begin. However no official announcement has yet been made.

Sourav Ganguly has had a distinguished career that has lasted for many years. He is credited with being one of the Indian cricket team's most successful captains.

A few years ago, the former cricketer told News18 that his biopic will be created, that the arrangement had been finalised, and that the script was almost finished.

I did consent to the biopic, yes. It will be in Hindi, but at this time, the director's name cannot be disclosed.

"I shall be in Mumbai for various works," Ganguly affirmed. The biopic's script is a topic of conversation.

In fact, due to my and the production house’s tight schedule, the work was not picking up pace. This time, it will be done quickly.”

Sources claim that a big banner production house is producing the biopic, and it has a budget of between Rs 200 and Rs 250 crore.

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