The anniversary post that Mini Mathur wrote for her filmmaker husband Kabir Khan is quite sweet.

On Tuesday, the former VJ celebrated her and Kabir Khan's 25th wedding anniversary by posting picture-perfect throwbacks from the big day.

The post was accompanied by a lengthy, though nice caption from Mini Mathur. "Hidden gems from 25 years ago.

It was a "simpler time," as Mini Mathur put it, with "live shehnai and songs created and sung by my family," she said.

Mini Mathur said in her post that a friend did her makeup and that she wore her grandmother's jewellery to her wedding.

"Honestly, it still feels like five years ago," Mini Mathur remarked.

So, you're perplexed as to how so much time has passed.

The final words of Mini Mathur's post were, "It seems like we made it! Happy 25th Anniversary with Kabir Khan

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