Beauty is holistic; what you eat reflects on the skin, and so does what you put on it. It’s like a chain process—eat right to have good skin and use products that have natural ingredients.

It’s perhaps the reason why ‘slow beauty’ is trending nowadays. A more holistic approach to skincare, which helps develop a healthy skin.

More than a trend, slow beauty is a wake-up call to a better understanding of the body as a whole, and is here to stay.

Revolving around the concept of holistic beauty, where you don’t just see what the product does to your skin, but also how it affects your sensory powers.

But now, with slow beauty, people and brands have become conscious that if nature needs time to rebuild itself, then it needs the time to accept a product and show results too.

‘If you can’t eat it, don’t use it on your skin’ has long been the Ayurvedic standard for skincare, and also that chemicals can’t give your skin life.

Ayurveda suggests using tools and recommendations to optimise our mental health, purify and properly nourish the body internally

There has been a sharp rise in the demand for skincare and especially wellness products, predominantly products that are clean, non-toxic

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