Actor Naga Shaurya from Telugu advised a man to "say sorry" to his girlfriend after he slapped her on a busy road. As the man proclaimed, "She is my lover," so i'll not.

The internet was impressed by Telugu actor Naga Shaurya after watching a video clip as he prepared for the release of his film Phalana Abbayi Phalana Ammayi.

He can be seen saving the girl from her controlling lover.

On a busy road in Hyderabad on Wednesday, Naga Shaurya saw a man and asked him to apologise to his girlfriend for slapping her.

In the video, Shaurya is seen asking the man to apologise to his girlfriend while holding his hand. Say apologise to her, the actor instructed the man.

Shaurya continued in asking him to apologise to her. Why did you strike her on the sidewalk? Even though she might be your lover, you shouldn't behave badly like this.

The man heard Shaurya say. Also observed were people telling the man to apologise.

In the video's comments section, which was posted on Twitter, some individuals commended Shaurya's action.

"You have my respect" one user wrote. Hats off to Naga Shaurya, tweeted another. "I have the utmost respect for what you did."

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