Pranati Rai Prakash speaks about her Telugu song ‘O Dollar Pillagaa’

Actress Pranati Rai Prakash, who was last seen in a leading role in ‘Cartel’ (which happens to be Alt Balaji’s web series) recently made her debut in Telugu film industry

The song, which has been titled as ‘O Dollar Pillagaa’, has received an extremely positive response from everyone. The said track has also been released in Hindi called 'Paisa Hai Paisa’.

Sharing her experience about working on the song, Pranati Rai Prakash said, “Even though I faced a few challenges in doing the track, the end result was super awesome.

The biggest challenge was clearly the language difference. So much so that some people were communicating in sign language to me! And we had to shoot the song in Telugu and Hindi.

They started to shoot the song in Telugu language first. Here I was messing up the expressions due to lack of understanding of the language and they had to keep translating.

When asked about her experience working with Vishwak, Pranati said, “It was a lovely experience. He’s a very warm person. The entire team hosted me with much love and made sure I’m very comfortable.

She also explained the meaning of the words if I needed to know. I really enjoyed doing this song and I believe that is reflected onscreen”.

Vishwak Sen said, “Pranati’s dedication was impressive. She brought a lot of sincerity to the table as a person and as an actor.

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