Rashmika Mandanna's top 10 secrets to glowy skin


The actress believes that one should consult a dermatolog ist before starting any skincare treatment, as they will understand the skin ina better way.

Allergy test

The actress believes in getting an allergy test done before she applies anything on her face.

Eat healthily

 The actress believes in eating clean and avoiding foods that give rise to oily skin.


The actress likes to keep her body well-hyd rated which results in good skin.


Rashmika likes to protect her skin from the harmful rays of the Sun and does not leave her home without putting on sunscreen.


The actress likes to apply a serum rich in Vitamin C which nourishes her skin.


The actress likes to use a good moisturiser on her skin which keeps it hydrated.

Face wash

 The actress loves to wash her face two times daily.

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