In fact, this is the era of South India's cinema. RRR, a Telugu movie, first won the Oscars and permanently cemented its place on the world stage.

The United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland will show the Kannada film Kantara on March 17, which also happens to be the star Puneeth Rajkumar's birthday.

According to sources, the actor has already arrived in Geneva and has finished the oral submission process.

Also, the source claimed that Rishab spoke to the audience in Kannada. On March 17, Rishab will take part in a private dinner with UN diplomats following the screening.

Kantara, starring Rishab Shetty, Kishore and Saptami Gowda, broke several records in Karnataka and across the globe.

Man's fight with nature is the subject of the film. Throughout a conversation with the Bangalore Times.

These movies can re-connect children with their roots, something many young people nowadays are forgetting.

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