Urfi Javed Reaction on Kareena Comment

Urfi Javed on Kareena Kapoor: Urfi Javed is slowly winning the hearts of industry stars with her offbeat fashion. 

A few days ago, the video of Sunny Leone hugging Urfi went viral, while her photos along with many celebs were also very much discussed.

 At the same time, recently, Kareena Kapoor praised Urfi Javed's dressing sense during an interview.

Urfi is not happy to hear her praise from Kareena's mouth

Now Urfi has made a tweet for Kareena which is becoming increasingly viral.

Along with this, Kareena (Kareena Kapoor) said- 'She does as she wants. That's what fashion is. If you are comfortable with yourself, then you do as you are. I like his confidence. 

Every day the actress shares such videos and photos that her look goes viral in a few minutes.

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