Urrfii Javed's 5 Strangest Outfits That Would Make You Question Your Own Existence!

Urfi Javed surfaced

It cannot happen that TV actress and model Urfi Javed wears a new dress and there is no discussion. Urfi Javed is known for her unique fashion sense. While her fashion fans praise her, all the users of social media criticize her fiercely.

Open Meshed Top

Urfi Javed looks hot in a bralette worn with a mesh top

Urfi Javed makes top using smartphones

Urfi Javed recently made a bikini top using two smartphones. She captioned the photo as "fully charged."

No Bra-Divided Top

It seems she was not wearing a bra. She is flaunting her midriff in the  pics. Her look has fans divided. While many are finding it beautiful,  there are some who are trolling her. “Ye Rassi Kyu Bandhi Hai?” wrote a  fan. Another one added, “Ye Rassi Kyu Bandhi Hai!” A fan, who seemed  impressed by her look, wrote, “Glamorous hot look.”

Unbuttoned Pants

Who created the unbuttoned pants fad, and what is the goal of it all?  This appears to be quite disgraceful and unattractive. If this is a new  style, we are completely opposed to it. Buttons exist for a reason, so  take advantage of them. Urfi, we believe, desperately requires a new  stylist because this is unquestionably not a style.

Black Dress

This colorful ensemble features cutouts all over it, and  we’re hoping it doesn’t result in a wardrobe malfunction. Urfi  completed the look with a pair of golden earrings and a pair of  nude-colored platform heels. In addition, she wore her hair in a stylish  ponytail. 

Transparent Black net Top

Urfi Javed looks sizzling in the sheer top. (Image: Instagram)