In India, the Vivo V27 Pro has officially launched. Vivo's newest V-series smartphone is the replacement for the Vivo V25 Pro from the previous year (Review).

The Vivo V27 Pro maintains the same slim and light design style as its predecessor, in addition to having a rear panel that can change colour.

The phone has high-end hardware inside as well. Here's our first look at the key improvements that the Vivo V27 Pro over its predecessor boasts on paper.

Beginning with the appearance, the Vivo V27 Pro has a Magic Blue-colored "Fluorite AG" glass back panel.

Although if it is a little bit lighter in comparison, the blue colour of the V27 Pro is pretty comparable to the Sailing Blue edition of the Vivo V25 Pro.

When compared to other lighter smartphones like the iQoo Neo 7 5G (Review) and the iPhone 13 Pro, the Vivo V27 Pro is also quite easy to hold (Review).

The phone's curved frame and rear panel design make it easy to hold.

The Vivo V27 has a dual-SIM slot, a USB Type-C port, and a main speaker.

One of the main characteristics of the phone is fundamentally highlighted by the text "Professional Portrait" at the top of the frame.

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