While legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar inspired generations of artists, just like his peers versatile singer Arijit Singh too has been influenced by Lata ji greatly

During an earlier interview Arijit shared his thoughts and talked about the lessons he learnt from the legendary playback singer.

Arijit Singh who also has a huge fanbase around the globe and is a big-time fan of Lata ji was all too emotional when speaking about Lata Mangeshkar.

While speaking about the emotions that Lata ji's songs spark in him, Arijit admitted that she is like Rabindranath Tagore.

He wrote everything and he wrote on every emotion no matter what book you pick up there is something that you find relatable. 

Lataji's songs are like that only, no matter any song you pick up, you will always find something that you can relate to, she delivered songs in every emotion you can think of.

He further added that there is a lot one can learn from her songs. The spirituality that she carried in her singing with utmost passion till the end, is truly a big learning.

She never presented herself as a great singer, she always sang like a commoner. So, technically there is a lot an artist can learn from her Lata Mangeshkar.

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