Vikram Bhatt on his Secret Marriage with Shwetambari Soni

The Bollywood industry currently has a lot on its plate, The latest news to hit the headlines is Vikram Bhatt Secret Marriage. Bollywood director Vikram Bhatt’s secret marriage with Shwetambari Soni is all over the headlines. The reasons or the veil of secrecy around the marriage has really piqued the interest. There are, however, a lot of questions that are being asked. In a recent interview given to Mid-Day, Vikram Bhatt has tried to dial the interest around this or his Secret Marriage. He shared that he tied the knot with Shwetambari Soni in a privately held ceremony, with only close friends and family in attendance.

“It was a private ceremony at my home, with her three sisters and my family in attendance. Even my friends couldn’t come. We had initially thought of having a [grand] wedding, but the pandemic [played spoilsport],”

Vikram Bhatt Secret Marriage how it all started

Vikram Bhatt also went on to reveal the  beginning of his relationship with Shwetambari Soni. He said that they were supposed to work together on an exhibition project, that, however id not come to pass. But the project brought them closer. Vikram shares that the part of her personality that he loves most is her intelligence and her frank nature. As an industry outsider he can share his ideas and get honest feedback

“I bounce my ideas off her as Shweta is astute with stories. She is honest with her feedback, especially if the story is crap,” he laughs.

Vikram further revealed details about the proposal, “There were no candlelight dinners, no puerile promises”. In fact, it happened after three years of dating when Vikram’s father was admitted to the hospital. “My father was hospitalised at the time. When the doctor recommended an angioplasty for him, we gave the go-ahead. Then, Shweta asked me, ‘If this happens to either of us, who will take [the call]? A partner doesn’t have any rights.’ We realised that companionship was fine, but we needed a more formal relationship.”

He concluded by saying, “There’s my daughter Krishna; Shweta has children, so I could not speak about it till they were okay with it. Now, they are. At 52, what I have with Shweta is not a crazy love affair, but a content, happy relationship.”

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