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Who we are
About Us

Why Badbola?

We hereby solemny pledge that we are upto no good!

We are a bunch of nerds, enthusiasts and patrons of entertainment. In the world where there is just too much information, we endeavour to bring you news that you can use. There are stories from entertainment, business, travel and lifestyle. Important events in education, jobs and world all served fresh for your palate. The only thing we do not do is opine on the what's and nots. We only pledge to speak and hence the name.

Badbola is a community of free speakers who speak with a sense of responsibility. Our motto is to entertain and inform, inspire and enthuse...never to conspire or confuse. At the end...

hum to bolengey aur hum bolengey toh bologey ki bolta hain...par kya bolta hain!