Before understanding why it is important to use Best OKR software for startups, we should briefly talk about OKR and OKR goal setting methodologies.

What is OKR, and why is everyone so obsessed with them? 

OKR (Goals and Key Results) is a goal setting system used by large organizations. The letter “O” stands for “Goal” and is an important and ambitious goal that should motivate you and your team. Goals inspire your team and push them in the right direction, leading your business goals.

“KR” is the main score that sets the goal. This will help you monitor the process of achieving your goals and gain a better understanding of your performance management. Teams can choose one or more important results to achieve goals. Again, it is necessary to specify no more than five criteria; 2-3 key results work best. But again, less is better – it helps you focus on your core business strategy – even for the beginning. To learn more about how much OKR you should put in, please see this article How much OKR should I put in for my team?

What is OKR

However, keep in mind that OKR is not a magic pill that will do all the work for you. Instead, it is finding the right balance between being ambitious and realistic in setting goals and being OKR constantly.

Why should start-ups use OKRs for growth? – best software for okrs

Using OKR to get started means pooling resources and communicating clearly and transparently. This allows the team to focus on your key business goals over the next few months and allows the team to set goals throughout the process. And this, in turn, also forms an understanding of what is not developing or what is not being done.

OKR is conspicuously used during start-up, needless to say. We also monitor that companies adopt the OKR methodology as we develop the technology. The best OKR start-up software, as always, makes managing this process powerful, uplifting, and effective for everyone involved.

Why use OKR integration software?

Startup uses 32 different software solutions – meaning 32 different usernames / passwords, 32 different login pages, 32 different resellers to manage, and so on. We guarantee that you are not making OKR your device the 33rd solution in business. The best OKR app is the one that industry employees really use. If you want to make sure that the OKR of your company is thoroughly scrutinized and that your intentions and results are constantly updated, you should look for answers embedded in the current platform of your employees and everyday use, such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, or G-suite.

If your company uses a Microsoft team, it means that your employees spend a lot of time collaborating with a Microsoft team and finding OKR software for a Microsoft company can greatly increase your use of your OKR application.

Top 4 OKR Software for Startups – Best OKR software for startups

1. Teamflect  – Best OKR software for startups

teamflect goal okr application screenshot

Teamflect is one of the free OKR startup management software for seamless integration with Microsoft Members and other Microsoft products. Because Teamflect supports Microsoft members, it helps users save valuable time.

To list some of the features of Teamflect;

  • Organize and assign OKR to team members
  • View OCR progress on the map
  • Enter OKR weekly
  • OKR scores (0/1, percentage, value, small goal progress, etc.)
  • Promotes OKR targets / progress in annual or quarterly performance appraisals
  • Give your colleagues valuable feedback on their work while watching OKR
    To keep interest in the application when OKR is received

We want to list our software on OKR’s startup list of the best because we have seen thousands of startup companies successfully adapt their tracking strategy using our software. Especially if you want to use Microsoft Group for OCR related purposes, you should take a look at Teamflect.

2. is another OKR software for startups that helps managers and employees focus, capture and motivate the company’s OKR goals. Whether the team is working inside or in the office, Ally helps guide them through every process.

OKR software enables team members, managers and individuals to communicate and focus on achieving desired results. Thanks to this, everyone can see their important goals and contribute to their growth.

Ally can connect apps to your everyday app for more convenient setup and management. Links include Slack, Microsoft Teams, Asana, Excel Online, GitHub, Google Sheet, Hubspot, Salesforce, Trello, and Zendesk.

3. Weekdone

Weekdone is an OKR Software for beginners that helps you track goals and create status reports. It also allows you to organize your company’s goals, track its OKRs and progress on a weekly basis, work more effectively with your team, and provide them with timely feedback. Weekdone is also OKR Software for beginners that allows you to set quarterly goals to organize and facilitate team progress. Additionally, you can track your team’s progress and goals using their real-time dashboard and weekly evaluations.

You can also make suggestions to your employees and guide them to the finish line on the project. Additionally, you can use the five-point rating system with one click to get an idea of ​​how your team is feeling each week.

4. 7Geese

okr software for startups

7Geese is an action management platform that helps you with OKR success, goal setting, feedback, performance analysis and career development plans.

Main features of OKR 7Geese software:

  • Outside labor management
  • OKR 1: 1 training session and weekly check
  • Deliver measurable results for greater accountability
  • Provide data views for better employee engagement
  • Set company goals so that everyone works towards agreed goals

7Geese also provides a questionnaire to help you create and share your surveys with your employees to improve the employee experience and collect feedback to create an effective employee engagement system. This feature is helpful in improving the quality of service for your employees.


In this article, we have listed the 4 best OKR software for startups. If you need best okr management software, you can start using one of these solutions. If you are looking for best okr software, a free OKR management program, we recommend our Teamflect tool, which is free for up to 10 users.

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