How to Avoid Pregnancy After Missing Period Naturally

How to Avoid Pregnancy After Missing Period Naturally: A missed period is alarming to nearly all sexually active women, regardless of whether they had a sexual encounter protected or not, a few days earlier. A menstruation cycle can last anywhere from 21 to 35 days. Any delay in this period could be a sign of pregnancy.

You can decide to terminate the pregnancy if you are pregnant and you have a positive test result. This decision should be made within a reasonable time frame. If you want to terminate a pregnancy using natural methods then it is best to do so as soon as possible. This will avoid complications.

You can use these home remedies to avoid pregnancy naturally after missing period.

How to Avoid Pregnancy After Missing Period Naturally: Fruits/vegetables as Natural Abortion

Unripe papaya

In many South Asian nations like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, unripe papaya is used to treat abortions and as contraception. Ingestion of large quantities of green papaya can cause uterine contractions, which could lead to abortion.


Since ancient times, ginger has been used as a way to end unwanted pregnancies. Its properties to induce contractions of the uterus have made it a popular choice. Since raw ginger is unpleasant, pregnant women are often given Ginger Tea.

For the ginger tea, a ginger root that has been peeled and cut into slices of 1 inch is boiled at least for seven minutes. Add some sweetener for a better taste, and drink it daily until your period arrives.


It is well known that the oil extracted from parsley leaves and seeds contains a chemical named parsley apiole. This can be dangerous in high doses. Parsley apiole has been linked to miscarriage in some studies. Myristicin is another substance in parsley that can cause contractions in the uterus and increase miscarriage risk.

Pine Apple

Pineapple is a fruit that contains Bromelain. This chemical softens the uterine tissue and triggers contractions in the uterus, leading to a natural abortion.

Fenugreek seed

It is an aromatic spice used in many Indian dishes to enhance flavor. It contains saponin which is a substance similar to oxytocin. It could cause uterine contractions that would lead to an abortion.

Bitter gourd/Karela

Bitter gourd has a variety of health benefits. It is a popular vegetable in India. It has long been believed that large amounts of karela could trigger womb contractions, leading to an abortion.

Sesame seeds

It is known that this widely used seed can keep you warm during the winter and, if consumed in excess, it may even cause an abortion because of its uterine contraction properties. The elderly warn newlyweds about its consumption. Even during the first three months of pregnancy, it should be avoided to avoid complications.


When consumed internally, eggplant is harmful to pregnant women because it contains phytohormones. This powerful chemical substance has been known to cause miscarriage. It can cause a natural abortion.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera can be harmful if consumed in excess. It causes uterine contractions and womb blood which lead to a natural abortion.


Caffeine, a chemical compound, is present in almost all energy drinks, soft drinks and other non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, including coffee, tea, and cola. Although caffeine is good for energy, large amounts, or more than 200mg of caffeine per day can cause miscarriage.


Apricots are another fruit that naturally stops implantation. Eat 5-10 apricots a day after having sex until you start menstruating.

How to Avoid Pregnancy After Missing Period Naturally: Herbs for Natural Abortion

Since ancient times, several herbs have been used to prevent unwanted pregnancy. These herbs can be taken as tea or a concoction to induce an abortion. They do this by causing uterine contractions, and bleeding. These herbs include;


The chemicals in pennyroyal cause the uterine wall to contract, causing uterine loss and early periods.


The use of mugwort in traditional medicine systems has been around for a very long time. It is used to treat a variety of health problems. Mugwort can be used to treat irregular menstrual cycles and induce natural abortions.

Black cohosh

Midwives have used black cohosh for many years to induce abortions. Black cohosh tea is used to stimulate uterus contractions and induce labor. This root is often used as an estrogen.


Tansy contains a poisonous substance called thujone that can cause natural abortion. It is not safe to consume it while breastfeeding.


Eucalyptus oil is associated with early abortions due to its high concentrations of ketones.


Safflower contains components that can thin the blood and prevent clots. It may also encourage early menstruation which could lead to an abortion.

Exercises for Natural Abortion

Diet and lifestyle can both lead to miscarriage or natural abortion. You can combine both to increase your chances of having a natural termination or avoiding pregnancy.

High intensity sports

Some sports can cause miscarriage, but others are good for you. Abortion can be caused by physical activity that requires excessive jumping, bouncing or exertion.


Consult your healthcare provider for information on natural options to terminate a pregnancy. You doctor will make recommendations based on the circumstances you are in. These home remedies can be dangerous if you do not consult an expert. They may cause complications, such as incomplete abortion, toxicity, and hemorrhage. Never self-medicate. Always consult a medical professional.


These natural methods can help to know How to Avoid Pregnancy After Missing Period Naturally or to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. However, due to their unknown side effects they can do more harm than good. It is best to seek the advice of a licensed professional to obtain abortion services.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can always contact a specialist to get the answers you need!


Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a dietician before starting any fitness programme or making any changes to your diet.

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