Bigg Boss 14: 10 Reasons why we love to hate and hate to love the show, and Salman Khan is just one reason

Come this weekend and Bigg Boss would be back. The reality TV show is all set to make a comeback for its 14th season with Salman Khan back as the famous host. There are many who may cringe and there are those who can’t be all excited. Whether you love to hate the show or hate to love it, you cannot ignore the show. So ahead of the Bigg Boss 14, here are 10 reasons why Bigg Boss is a show that keeps us hooked!

Bigg Boss 14: 10 Reasons why we share the love-hate relationship with the show

  1. Salman Khan

Let’s face it. The biggest reason we watch Bigg Boss is Salman Khan and his weekend ka vaar! Before Salman, Bigg Boss was steadily losing its popularity. With a new host every season, the audience was perhaps bored by the repeated innuendos. It all changed with Salman joining the show. From his cool attitude to the big brother wisdom, Salman is the Bigg Boss.

The House

Let’s admit it, we love the house. The set changes every season and there is something beautiful to look forward to. The elegant chaise sets, the gardens and the eclectic colour schemes, we love them all.

Bigg Boss Chahte hain! – The charm of the baritone         

It’s the statement that stays on with you. The husky baritone no nonsense voice is both assertive and demanding, making you wonder at the man behind the baritone. We all wait for the familiar sound, the echoes and the know that when Bigg Boss ‘wants’, it shall be done!

Dolly Bindra

She is the icon that set it all. From her famous ‘Baap pe mat jana’ to her throaty laughter, Dolly Bindra became synonymous with the brand – not necessarily in a good way. From her first appearance as a wild card entry in Season 4, she has been a trendsetter. Every season thence, there is this one contestant who becomes the ‘Dolly’ of the season. We may not like her, but let’s face it, she is the reason we came back to Season 4 and continue till Season 14!

Bigg Boss Couples

It started with Veena Malik and Ashmit Patel in Season 4 and then its all history. From the love across borders to the beauty with the beast, Bigg Boss has had the strangest of the couples. We have swooned over their romances, wondered about their chemistry and enjoyed the drama. So be it Kushal Tondon and Gauhar Khan or Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaz Gill, the romantic within us can’t help but watch the Bigg Boss to find out the ‘next couple’.

Ande ka Funda!

We have all seen it…season after season – the fight for the mighty egg! From not getting enough to stealing a few, contestants have been seeing fighting over the humble egg, wanting their share of the food.

Sunny Leone

It was Bigg Boss that gave India its one and only Sunny Leone! The famous adult movie star made her debut on the Indian television, people went crazy. For those who knew her and for those who did not, she was a name that made everyone sit up and take notice. From there on, we all wait and look for that one diva of the show that keeps the ‘hot’ quotient right up there!

Guest Stars

Remember when Baywatch sensation Pamela Anderson graced the show and became a housemate for a day? Or the moment when Shahrukh Khan came to Salman Khan’s show that sent the TRPs up through the roof as people went crazy seeing the two Khans talking and laughing with each other again! From our Bollywood favourites to international celebrities, they all add that extra spice that keeps up going back to Bigg Boss for more.

The Eccentrics

Bigg Boss, among other things, is a great equalizer for it does not treats anyone any different. What is appreciable about the show is its attempt to bring people from all walks of life – including the ‘eccentrics’ or so as we see. From Imam Siddiqui to Bani J, Bigg Boss has taught its audience to accept the differences and look at people with the same eye. They may not have been fan favourites but in their own subtle way, they have made a difference and helped the society be more accepting.

Behind the glamour

We love our celebrities and worship a few. It is then perhaps why we love to see the ‘real’ person behind the reel person. When fan favourite and docile Akshara (Hina Khan) of Yeh Rishtaa Kya Kehlata Hain fame entered the house, people applauded. When she screamed and fought, they sat back and enjoyed. Perhaps it’s the ‘human’ element of the celebrities that we can’t get enough of.

Bigg Boss 14 is all set to premier on Colours TV on Saturday, October 3 at 9 pm. Salman Khan has teased his fans with a look of the set and recent promos promise the show to be bigger. Also, with the pandemic, the show promises to bring in the much needed relief from the stress. We all know we would be watching it!

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