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You interested in sustainability? Are you driven to alter the way things operate for an improved future? Are you searching for the right degree to put your talents to use?

If yes, then you must think about learning about sustainability! In this post badbola will outline the top sustainability masters to assist you in finding the top programs in study all over Europe.

What’s a Master’s degree in sustainability?

What's a Master's degree in sustainability
What’s a Master’s degree in sustainability

Are sustainability masters worthwhile?

The study of sustainability is an extremely vital task for our generation of today. Sustainable development of our societies is an imperative task to limit the negative effects of climate change. the study of this issue is the best way to begin.

Also taking a course in sustainability at the master’s levels is a great opportunity to develop important skills and expand your college degree to make you more employable.

This is why learning about sustainability is without no doubt an enjoyable and rewarding undertaking.

What do you get from the masters degree in sustainability?

As we mentioned earlier, obtaining your masters degree in sustainability could provide a number of possibilities.

In this post EDUopinions will review sustainable degrees in various sectors such as management/business as well as environmental research and public policy.

Students who have earned degrees from this list have worked as researchers in academia, policy makers at both the international and national levels, consultants and management professionals in many areas.

EDUopinions”list of the top sustainability masters programs:

top sustainability graduate programs given below:

Masters of Environment and Society Studies, specialization of Corporate Sustainability. Radboud University (The Netherlands)

Our first pick of the top masters programs for sustainability are the MSc in society and environment studies that is offered at Radboud University.

This programme aims to support the role of the private sector in combatting climate change, and in doing so teaches students everything they need to know in order to succeed as an environmentally-conscious business professional.

One of the highlights of this program is its focus on corporate sustainability, which gives students with an understanding of the underlying principles sustainability in production as well as the process of innovation.

Another advantage of this program is its price and tuition fees that start at only EUR 2,168 for students who are EU/EEA.

Master in Environmental Change and Global Sustainability at University of Helsinki (Finland) – best sustainability graduate programs

The University of Helsinki offers a second top-quality sustainability program available.

The master’s degree in global environmental change and sustainability runs for two years and offers students an education that is multidisciplinary, exploring the many aspects of environmental change, ecology, and sustainable methods of living.

Based on their professional goals students are able to choose from two distinct specialisations which are one in the natural sciences and the other in the social sciences.

In either case this program is sure to provide students with the skills that is required to effect changes to improve sustainability.

This is why, and more, this program located at University of Helsinki is one of the top masters in sustainability that are available today. Additionally there are no tuition costs for students from the EU/EEA region!

MSc in Urban Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change at Erasmus University Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

environment masters reviews:

Erasmus University Rotterdam also offers one of the best masters in sustainability–their MSc in urban environment, sustainability and climate change is definitely worth looking into. It runs for 12 months.

The masters program focuses on sustainability in urban environments and various strategies to combat the impacts of climate change on cities across the globe.

In this vein, the degree covers topics ranging from urban policy, ecosystem management, climate change mitigation/adaptation, the circular economy and more.

Like the other Dutch university tuition costs are at Erasmus University are just over two thousand euros per European students.

For those looking to embark on a specialised, sustainability-orientated degree, this may be just the one for you.

MBA Global Sustainable Strategies at ESC Pau Business School (France) – best sustainability masters programs europe

Another option to think about should be considered an MBA of global sustainability from ESC Pau Business School.

This master’s degree is definitely more focused on business than the other ones listed and, therefore an excellent choice for those seeking to improve their private sectors’ practices to meet the criteria of sustainability.

Students who take this course are taught to manage the notions of “people environment, profit” in order to maximize profits while also protecting the environment and helping individuals.

The graduates of this program have found work at some of the most successful businesses which include Google, Amazon, Adidas, L’Oreal and IBM.

This is why this program was included on EDUopinions”list of the top masters in sustainability.

MSc in Governance of Sustainability at Leiden University (The Netherlands) – best sustainability masters programs europe

Finally, Leiden University has another of the most prestigious masters programs in sustainability.

The two-year MSc in governance and sustainability provides a more policy-oriented approach to sustainability and is ideal for students who want to work in organizations or governments.

Additionally, the course is held within The Hague, a global center for international cooperation, and the perfect place to begin an era of change-making.

Students in this degree are able to conduct a research project and then write a thesis based on their results.

If you’re seeking to be at the forefront of environmental policy, and fight climate change within an environment of governance this program is an ideal choice to look into.

Conclusion – best sustainability masters programs europe

We at EDUopinions hope that this article can give you a glimpse of the variety of masters in sustainability that are available in the present.

This type of course is vital for future generations and pursuing it can be a fantastic option to work towards the future of a sustainable and peaceful one.

If you need help picking a course you can reach EDUopinions to get assistance that is free and individualized!

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