Top universities to study marketing in Spain

Spanish Universities are suitable for the International Students for Many Reasons, Such as the Attractive Lifestyle, Affordable Living, Courses in English, A Large Education System, etc. Related steps.

Since the Digital Market in Spain is Among the Largest Digital Markets in Europe, a Digital Marketing Degree in This Country is a major step for international students to know best universities to study marketing.

Apart from the numeraus factors made by Spain as the Destination of the Overseas Study, there are many options at degree light available to Pursue Digital Marketing Study in Spain.

Here are some of the best universities to study marketing in Spain:

Mondragon University

Digital Marketing Department of the University of Mondragon, Spain, offers a master’s degree in digital marketing. This year, the plan is fully delivered to Spanish and is considered one challenging step for the labor market today.

The master is held in digital marketing at the University of Mondragon in the campus, regardless of many networks available at this university.

Among the benefits of studying at this university are the great reputation of the organization and their technological development with online degrees.

Students learn the necessary skills to implement real marketing plans in the workplace, whether they are in a business or in any institution that needs digital marketing experts.

This phase plan includes digital brands, customer experience, digital economy, entrepreneurship, new technology and digital skills. With a digital marketing degree at the University of Mondragon, you can operate in any field:

  • Digital Project Manager
  • E-commerce Manager
  • SEO Manager
  • SEM Manager
  • Content Manager
  • Brand Digital Manager

Abat Oliba CEU University – best universities to study marketing

The University of Abat Oliba CEU brings the latest technological development into the market. The teaching method is aimed at encouraging students to learn through it, which means that students are the center and the focus of the learning process.

Degree in marketing and commercial management in the Faculty of Business and Economics is a four-year program and the graduates fulfill the title “Digital Marketing Management Expert.”

The campus at the University of CEU in different cities in Spain, such as Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Valencia, have a variety of courses, including basic steps, double steps, simultaneous steps, masters, doctors and specialty steps.

The University of CEU prepares students for their future career with almost secured work. CEU has over 4,000 contracts with many companies in the country and abroad to hire CEU graduates.

Many access to the University of Abat Oliba Ceu, including the factors listed below: 

  • One of the most prestigious universities in Spain.
  • Expert training and teaching staff.
  • High employability, with 95.3% of students getting jobs while studying, 93% of graduates finding employment after their studies.
  • International recognition and collaboration with universities and companies.
  • Online learning availability.
  • Professional development.

Nebrija University – best universities to study marketing

The University of Nebrija offers a master’s degree in sales management and digital marketing that takes one year to complete and builds on the campus.

This master’s degree is only available in Spanish and students can choose whether they want to learn full time or part. The teaching method is based on practical learning and students learn in the real case -Study.

The digital sales and market management course involves a detailed understanding of the industry – the definition and role of digital marketing – as well as regular teaching professionals.

Furthermore, to make learning more efficiently, students are divided into groups to practice teamwork. Custom teaching is also a large part of the curriculum where all students receive full attention.

The curriculum contains a number of substances that are divided equally into two semesters consisting of the individuals below:

  • Function and role of the sales in a company.
  • Sales management in the digital marketing environment.
  • E-commerce.
  • Social media skills and their effect on the digital marketing world.
  • Sales as a part of business strategies.
  • Customer management.
  • Obligatory professional internship.
  • A final project.

GBSB Global Business School – best universities to study marketing

Global GBSB Business School is located in one of the best University Cities in the world -Barcelona— and it hosts a number of digital marketing courses in all degree levels. Indicate that you are interested in getting a bachelor degree in digital marketing at GBBLA GBSB BUSINESS SCHOOL.

In that case, they provide the bachelor of business administration and digital innovation with digital marketing ”as a combination undergraduate phase.

The aforementioned bachelor stage is a three -year program at gbbla gbsb business school for full -time learning and up to six years for part -time enrollment.

The Learning Format is available in campus and online modalities, departing on student preferences and learning flexibility. Global GBSB or Online Has Another Campus in Malta or Online for a Particular Degree Courses.

For a high degree in Digital Marketing, the Master in Digital Marketing and Ecommerce in Barcelona is suitable for students who want to apply their studies. The Phase Program Lasts 9 months, and the English Language Tutorial is a campus -Based format.

Harbour Space University – best universities to study marketing

In the University of the Harbor Space, students can take BA degree in digital marketing as a basic study. The program lasts for three years and is only available in a full -time college.

Teagasc is only English and students receive information in many aspects of digital marketing such as analysis, business, finance, creative co -operation, etc.

There is a mix of materials in this program where students discover many areas of digital marketing, such as online videos, mobile phones, viruses, social media marketing and more.

With a degree in digital marketing at Harbor Space University, graduates have the opportunity to work as digital marketing experts in major brands, advertising agencies or media companies.

The Study Program at Harbor University includes a detailed curriculum which is divided into three years:

  • First year: The first year students are presented for the basics of marketing and the role of marketing plans in business.
  • Second year: In the second year, the digital marketing curriculum extends the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing today with the latest technology development.
  • Third year: Third and last year in a digital marketing bachelor, students are preparing for a specialized part of digital marketing, including a practical study in planning, design and implementation of marketing methods.

Geneva Business School – best universities to study marketing

Business School in Geneva Marketing Degree in Undergraduate and Postgraduate Studies with a BA Degree in International Management Specializing in Digital Marketing and International Management Masters Specializing in Digitalizing in Digital.

This Degrees Are Available In Three Campus Across Europe – Geneva, Barcelona and Madrid.

Bachelor Degree at Geneva Business School Lasts for Three Years, Taurus in English Entirely. Students Get to Know New Technology and Learn to Use Full Potential.

They Gain Knowledge of Marketing Plans and Understand the Impact of Social Media on Business Growth. AS Part of the Degree Program, Students Black Go to Internship During their Studies to Prepare for Their Future Career.

On the Other Hand, a Master’s Degree in the Geneva Business School Is Available for Entry in February and September for a Maximum of 1.5 Years, Depenting on the Student’s Level of Study. After compeling Their Studies, Students Are Created for Master’s Technology and Methods to Become Experts in the Digital Market Sector.

ESIC School of Business and Marketing Management

The Master of Digital Marketing of a Course at the Es. Business Is One Year of Study and Available Campus Include Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Seville.


Daily Changes in the Digital Market Industry can be challenging; ThereFore, this Program to Support Students and Prepare Them for a Smooth Transition in Management Plans.

One of the Main Objectives of Es. Business University Is To Meet New Digital Marketing Requirements with Project -Based Learning. Where Students Are the Centerpiece of the Class.

Other Goals of the Digital Marketing Plan Area:

  • Professional Education: Students Learn with Real parable with Examples of Daily Challenges.
  • Gain the Necessary Skills: Digital Marketing the Main Role in Eselic Business School Earns The Ability to Create. Develop and Eviluate Digital Marketing Plans and Organize Future Projects.
  • Great Work Skills: ESAC BUSINESS School INCREASES THE LIKELUHOOD of Students Getting a Job Upon Graduization. They Believe that the Professional Training Received In This School Is One of the Necessary Skills for Future Efforts.
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