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Discover the insights you need to succeed – Study psychology in the UK

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Immerse yourself in world-class thinking – best universities for psychology uk

The United Kingdom was one of the main places where new high -ranking psychological ideas are rooted in and we are at the forefront of research and ideas from 1870.

In addition to having some of the world’s oldest university departments, the famous British Psychology Society was founded in University College London. in 1901 and helped to start and direct a huge area in the UK now.

Today we have three of our best psychological departments at the University of Cambridge (third), Oxford University (Forth) and University College London (SEPA).

There are many more international courses there and down the country, although almost 1000 courses offer a psychological part, about 140 universities available.

So you will be able to get a lot of knowledge and soil research on everything, from mental health to neuroscience and attitude, with access to the State Laboratory to help you follow your own ideas.

What to expect? – best universities for psychology uk

Flexible, modular courses

With psychological levels of art and science available both in undergraduate and graduate studies, you can specialize in your studies and focus on the areas that encourage you to the best career.

Some of the specialist modules you’ll cover include:

  • Criminal psychology
  • Cognitive psychology
  • Child psychology
  • Clinical psychology
  • Developmental psychology
  • Educational psychology
  • Experimental psychology
  • Forensic psychology
  • Neurology
  • Social psychology
  • Sport psychology

Undertake your own research

In addition to deep immersion in theory, you will also find work on your own ideas and experiments.

From looking at living materials and your own psychological tests in laboratories and in custom rooms, you will have access to the latest calculation techniques and modeling to make the best understanding of the ways in which our brain interacts and our minds.

You will also find an intense understanding of how to use statistics to analyze your data and interpret your results.

Get the skills you need to excel

You must be able to develop a variety of unusual talents, ranging from analysis and statistics to research and promotion.

The qualities and skills that employers are specifically looking for and that you can apply for professional challenges anywhere in the world.

Amazing careers start here

Everything from medical and treatment applications to industrial and sports articles, you will learn how to uncover insight and apply them to the reality of experts in this field. So wherever you want to learn, you become skills and analysis of temperament.

With a wide range of postgraduate studies, including integrated masterpieces- you will be able to prepare for the career you want. Common jobs for psychological graduates are:

  • Clinical psychologist
  • Counselling psychologist
  • Educational psychologist
  • Forensic psychologist
  • Further education teacher
  • Health psychologist
  • High intensity therapist
  • Occupational psychologist
  • Primary care graduate mental health worker
  • Psychological wellbeing practitioner
  • Sport and exercise psychologist

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