Anupama Written Update 12 Nov: Anupama Confronts Anuj

Anupama meets Anuj on her way to work. He is afraid that she must have learnt about his feelings from Vanraj, Kavya or Paritosh. She recalls his confession of love. He thinks Anupama is unaware of the happenings of last night and gathers the courage to tell her. Meanwhile, Leela makes rangoli at the entrance of Shah residence. She greets Hasmukh, who is upset with her behaviour towards Anupama.

Anuj asks Anupama the reason for her to head to his home. She says she had to ask if he was in love with her. Anuj confesses and apologises, saying he never wanted her to know. He adds he went to Shah residence to reduce her problems but ended up messing with the situation. He requests her to forget what he said.

Hasmukh senses stress in the family and asks Samar if everything is alright. Paritosh signals Samar to stay quiet on the matter. Paritosh is afraid that Hasmukh would bless Anupama and Anuj if he learnt about Anuj’s feelings. Anuj says that he could be wrong, but his love is not. Replying to his statement, Anupama asks why he is looking down while talking if his love is not wrong.

Looking into her eyes, he states he has been in love with her for 26 years and will continue to love her until his death. She thanks him for loving and respecting her and tells him that she overheard while he was talking to Vanraj and was shocked. She asks him how he could love her for so long.

Anupama appreciates his feelings for her. She adds that she respects his love and apologises, saying she can’t love him back. She asks him not to expect love in return. He tells her he lost hope years ago when she saw her as a bride. On the other hand, Samar is worried about Anupama. He restates his promise of never crossing any line for the sake of their friendship.


Anuj tells her that he feels relieved after she has learnt about his feelings and thanks to her. Anupama says that the world will never understand his love and their friendship. She adds that Lord Krishna understands their relationship, and that is enough for her. They talk about the naming of relationships by society. She tells him that their relationship of trust and togetherness is valuable to her. They shake hands and decide to start a new beginning. They wish each other ‘Happy Diwali’.

Precap: During Diwali celebrations, Leela tells everyone that she wants Anuj and Anupama to get married.

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