Anupama Written Update 21st Jan: Pakhi to study in USA?

Anupama Written Update 21st Jan
Anupama Written Update 21st Jan| Pakhi's Truth

Anupama Written Update 21st Jan: Shah family is ready for the Sankranti festival, but family members are unhappy due to the absence of Kavya and Nandini. Leela is upset and hopes Anupama fixes everything. Vanraj asks Pakhi to make tea for her and senses tension on her face. He asks her the reason for worry. Elsewhere, Anupama helps Malvika drape Sari and get ready for the occasion. Malvika decides to carry sneakers with sari to avoid tripping, and Anupama also wears to same.


Anuj is happy to see both of them in Sari and wishes good luck to them. Anuj and Anupama share a romantic look, and he recites poetry, complimenting her look. He says he had once wished her secretly but mustered up the courage to wish her in person today. Anupama wishes good luck to Anuj secretly. Anuj, Anupama, Malvika and Gopi Kaka head to the Shah house for Sankranti.

Nandini and Samar cross paths and recall their time together. Just when they are about to part their ways, Anupama tells them she is the link between the two. She asks them to talk to each other, end the fight, and start over again. She states that everyone falls in love, but everyone does not receive it. Anupama repeats when love goes away, only tears remain.


Samar invites Nandini to the Sankranti festival, saying she can join the celebration if she wishes. Meanwhile, at the Shah house, Pakhi is overjoyed and dances because Vanraj has permitted her to pursue further studies in the USA. She dances with the entire family, making the environment at the house joyful. Anupama, unaware of the reason, asks Leela and other family members. Malvika joins Pakhi’s dance and celebrates with her.

Anupama Written Update 21st Jan: Anupama Exposes Pakhi’s Truth

Anupama Written Update 21st Jan: Anupama learns the reason for her excitement and refuses to move abroad. She questions Vanraj for his decision. However, Malvika speaks in support of Pakhi and Vanraj. Anuj is shocked to hear Vanraj address Malvika as Mukku. Vanraj says Malvika has enough friends and connections in the USA, and she will help Pakhi settle there. He adds that he always wanted to study in the USA, and so did Paritosh, but they could not afford it back then.


Pakhi is upset when Anupama refuses, and Anupama engages in an argument with Vanraj. When Malvika joins the discussion emphasising the benefits, Anupama asks her to stay out of it because it is the concern of Pakhi’s parents. When Vanraj questions, Anupama points out the reason for Pakhi’s wish. She says she should not move abroad at present because she wants to go there for her friends and not for studies.

When Pakhi says Anupama talks about women progress but is not supporting her. Anupama replies that she should embark on a journey that has a destination. She questions her about her goal, and Pakhi fails to answer, proving Anupama’s point.

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